GB News has declared that a presenter taking the knee on air constituted an “unacceptable breach of our standards”.

It comes after host Guto Harri performed the anti-racism gesture in response to England’s Euro 2020 stars being abused online.

Harri, who was Boris Johnson’s spokesman during his time as London mayor, explained during a segment with co-host Mercy Muroki that he “gets” why players take the knee, before opting to do it himself.

But the decision has displeased GB News bosses, who issued a seemingly contradictory statement which concluded by condemning Harri for performing the protest.

“GB News stands four square against racism in all its forms. We do not have a company line on taking the knee,” a statement read.

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“Some of our guests have been in favour, some against. All are anti-racist. We have editorial standards that all GB News journalists uphold.

“On Tuesday a contributing presenter took the knee live on air and this was an unacceptable breach of our standards.”

More than an hour later, GB News added: “We let both sides of the argument down by oversimplifying a very complex issue.”

A spokesperson was unable to confirm whether Harri had been sacked, according to the Guardian.

Andrew Neil’s station prides itself on being a supposed bastion of free speech, something Harri referenced when explaining his actions online on Tuesday.

He tweeted: “GB News is – above all – about free speech; having the debates others won’t. “English footballers have made it clear that when they take the knee they are making a clear statement about rejecting racism (not endorsing the narrow divisive aims of BLM). I support them.”