A £50 MILLION fund has been announced to decarbonise Scotland’s bus fleet. The Scottish Zero Emission Bus (ScotZEB) Challenge Fund was launched yesterday by Transport Minister Graeme Dey.

He said while the £50m of Scottish Government cash is being pledged for the rest of 2021, the figure is likely to increase for next year.

“To accelerate progress towards a zero-emission bus fleet, we committed to convene a meeting of the Bus Decarbonisation Taskforce within our first 100 days,” Dey said.

“The Scottish Government has come to the table with an evolved offer for zero-emission bus funding, building on experience of previous schemes and designed in a way that maximises opportunities to attract sustainable financing and encourage innovative ways of doing so.

“£50m is available in 2021 to help drive a green recovery, responding to the global climate emergency and to improve air quality.

“I’m excited to see results from the ScotZEB Challenge Fund and expect to offer a larger pot of funding in 2022 once it demonstrates its success.”

The fund will act as a replacement for other cash injections, according to the Scottish Government.