A EUROPEAN group supporting independence for nations throughout the continent has celebrated its tenth anniversary.

The International Commission of European Citizens (ICEC), which was established to campaign for the rights of stateless nations to democratic self-determination, reached the milestone yesterday.

One of the founders Anna Arque from Catalonia said: “The organisation was established as an NGO based in Brussels to provide a new space for activist groups to come together and learn from each other and make the case for self-determination as in the United Nations Charter.”

ICEC has an annual conference in the European Parliament. Among its members are Catalan, Scottish, Flemish, Basque, Sud-Tirolean, Welsh and Veneto groups.

The treatment by the Spanish state of the non-violent and democratic movement in Catalonia is seen by others as emphasising the need for solidarity through building links throughout Europe and campaigning to promote democratic values. The anniversary was marked with a new website launched yesterday.