THERE is a huge appetite in the Yes movement to tackle climate change, and so we bring to your attention an online event that Yessers may find very useful.

Entitled The Climate Emergency In Scotland – What Can We Do About It?, this will be a talk by a man recognised as one of Scotland’s leading experts on the subject, Professor Pete Smith FRS, FRSE, of Aberdeen University, who is the director of Scotland’s Climate Change Centre of Expertise.

He said: “Climate change is an existential threat and time to tackle it is rapidly running out.

In light of this, the UK and Scottish governments have both declared a climate emergency.

“We are now into a make-or-break decade of climate action. While governments have a role to play in creating the right policy conditions to allow businesses, local authorities and individuals to cut greenhouse gas emissions, we as individuals can make changes to cut emissions – after all, it is the consumption of the 7.9 billion people on the planet that leads to these emissions.

“In the talk I will show evidence of how the climate change is changing, outline the adverse impacts of climate change and set out the urgency required in our response.

“I then outline where cuts in greenhouse gas emissions can be made, and the changes we can make to our everyday lives to reduce our climate impact.”

The talk is at 7.30pm on Wednesday, July 28. Register for the talk at Eventbrite.