AS the campaigning wing of the Scottish Independence Convention, Voices for Scotland has tackled the problem of how to keep the Yes movement interested and involved at a time when face-to-face campaigning is officially off limits – and it will be until at least August 9 following the First Minister’s statement yesterday.

The group asked the wider movement what they wanted to discuss and learn about, and one of the results of that survey is Voices for Scotland’s next online event on July 22 at 6pm – looking at the increasingly significant issue of universal basic income (UBI).

Simon Duffy from the Centre for Welfare Reform will present and lead a discussion on all aspects of UBI, helping you with the info you need to campaign for a better, independent Scotland that works for everyone.

A spokesperson said: “All Voices for Scotland events are structured to bring together expert knowledge and real life experience, so the speaker is just as important as the audience – who can participate as much as they like.

“If independence means a better, fairer and more equal Scotland then it’s important that people know the facts about issues such as UBI, but more importantly, how these policies have direct impacts upon themselves, their families and their communities.

“UBI provides people with a regular cash payment, without any reference to their other income or wealth and without any conditions. This can lead to more economic security for everyone and destigmatises the social security system and is also seen as a potential solution to insecurity in the labour market.

“What we want to achieve with this event is a better understanding of this, but also how this new policy, if introduced, will improve your life and the lives of those around you.

“We also have another event with Craig Dalzell [of Common Weal] at the beginning of August which will look at pensions.

“We recently asked the public which policy areas are most important to them when it comes to campaigning for independence - poverty and pensions were two of the most requested topics.

“We understand that there is a degree of ‘Zoom fatigue’ (we all feel it), but it is so important right now that we are preparing for a campaign for independence and that, as a movement, we are building confidence in the ideas of what an independent Scotland can look like. To do that we need knowledge and understanding of the issues, so please join us, get together and build confidence in the campaign.”

More information on Voices for Scotland events, and registration for July 22, can be found at