FOLLOWING Italy’s triumph in the Euro 2020 final on Sunday, manager Roberto Mancini will likely never have to buy a pint north of the Border again.

The Italian manager, whose team is now on a 34-game unbeaten streak, has been taken into the hearts of many in Scotland.

Nicknamed “Roberto the Bruce” by this paper, the former Manchester City boss has returned the favour, flying home with a copy of The National in pride of place alongside the Euro championship trophy.

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Now, in an effort to commemorate the historic victory, we are calling on the Prime Minister to do for a friend of Scotland what he has done for a fair number of his own and give Mancini a title.

The letter, sent to Downing Street last night, calls on Boris Johnson to ennoble the Italian – something along the lines of “Roberto the Bruce of Wembley” should do nicely.

It reads:

“Dear Prime Minister,

“We are not sure if you were watching the game on Sunday night, or if you only sit in front of the TV for enough time for a quick photoshoot, but England lost to Italy in the final of Euro 2020.

“In Scotland, as you may know, the sense of relief has been immense. We have been saved from another half a century of hearing about the glories of 2021, much in the same way as we have already suffered since 1966, when England were lucky to win the World Cup. We’re sure you will agree that VAR and goal-line technology has been a welcome addition to the game.

“While you may be upset at not being able to claim an England victory as a direct success of Brexit (given that there aren’t yet any others to be found), we are equally sure you will be magnanimous in defeat – just as you were when the Supreme Court ruled your prorogation of parliament unlawful.

“As such, we believe it would be fitting for you as Prime Minister to have a new title bestowed on the manager of the Italian team, Roberto 'The Bruce' Mancini, for services to Scotland. We know you are a fan of giving spurious awards to your friends, so we thought you might like to do the same for one of our nation’s best-loved football figures.

“We were thinking of something like ‘Roberto the Bruce of Wembley’? It would also be fitting to grant the winning Italian team the freedom of Scotland – something we’re sure you would also find useful in order to avoid having to leave Bute House by the back door in future.

“Unfortunately, we cannot make a donation to the Tory Party, but hope you will look on our request kindly even so.

“Yours (at least until indyref2),

“The National newspaper.”

Downing Street’s press office told us they would look into giving a response first thing in the morning, but we aren’t holding our breath.