The National:

ENGLAND lost the Euro 2020 final to Italy on penalties and - if you listen to talkSPORT - you may be forgiven for thinking that was our fault.

The National ran a front page on Saturday with Roberto Mancini, the record-setting Italian manager, mocked up as Braveheart. Apparently that wasn’t very cricket.

Simon Jordan, who runs a talkSPORT show every Monday to Thursday alongside Scottish presenter Jim White, told listeners he was “disappointed” to see us highlight the fact that many Scots were supporting Italy.

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Jordan said: “I have to say it Jim and you won’t like it, I’m disappointed to see newspapers in your country carrying headlines with pictures of [Roberto] Mancini in such a fashion when people turn around and say that we should all be together and collectively support one another and that England fans are arrogant and that they’re up they’re own backsides.

“You guys are running national newspapers with front page headlines of ‘anyone but England’. Awful.”

Jordan must have climbed on his high horse pretty rapidly before giving that brief monologue, as not thirty seconds before he was claiming Scotland's football team had dragged the whole Euros down. 

The National: Argentina forward Lionel Messi in action

Talking about the Copa America competition, which Lionel Messi's Argentina won, Jordan said it is not a tournament of the highest quality as there is “opposition like Bolivia and teams of that nature”.

“But we had to play Scotland”, former professional footballer Danny Murphy interjected.

Jordan said he heard what Murphy was saying, adding that “everything is diminished by that [Scotland’s] standard”.

What a nice example of “collectively supporting one another” there.

White told him there was “no need to have a swipe at Scotland”. Jordan apparently disagreed.

We wonder why that was cut from the social media clip talkSPORT shared of the exchange?

In the shared clip where the hosts discuss our front page, Murphy said Jim White is “fine with the Scottish press running Mancini as Braveheart, but he doesn’t like it if you boo the national anthem”.

We’re not sure what those two things have to do with one another either.

White then asks Jordan the name of “the national newspaper” which ran the front page. Jordan declines to answer, saying only: “You know which one it is.”

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White then says that it “wasn’t a national newspaper”, and Murphy says it was a “local” one - apparently because we don’t get sold outside Scotland’s borders (which is proving a bit of an obstacle for the many Italians trying to get their hands on a copy).

A bit confusing considering Scotland has its own national team which the two Englishmen were happily deriding just seconds earlier.

We also get branded a “Scottish rag” and an “independence rag” by the talkSPORT presenters, apparently very unhappy that anyone in a neutral third nation dares to support Italy.

No-one’s particularly bitter about the England loss then.