MANY of us are aware of the avenue of Union Jack-emblazoned boxes we have to walk through if we want to shop at Morrisons – the supermarket chain that this week accepted a £6.3 billion takeover bid by a US group.

However, one reader of The National said he is furious that his local Morrisons in Dunoon is proudly promoting its fresh fish from … Grimsby, more than 300 miles from the town.

Iain Kilgannon also said the store had raised prices on locally sourced products in favour of its own, cheaper versions.

He told The National: “Loch Fyne is about 15 miles away and world-renowned for its fish and sea food, and until the Brexit fiasco supplied restaurants all across mainland Europe.

“But Morrisons ship theirs in from Grimsby!

“I suppose it is only 313 miles away and on the other side of another country to Dunoon, so the fish will be fresh and the carbon footprint won’t be absolutely huge but … I was absolutely flabbergasted.

“This is the same Morrisons store that have employees who physically hide copies of The National, every single day.

“I have caught them several times doing so.

“What sort of person would dream of hiding the only Scottish title in the sea of anti-Scottish papers that fill our news-stands? Oh yeah, a bigot.

“Both my wife and I have both been dressed down for buying the paper in Morrisons, by two different members of staff when paying for it at the counter.

“I sometimes have to pinch myself and make sure this is actually in Scotland.

“This is the same store that also increases the prices on local suppliers’ butter and other produce, and surrounds it with their own much cheaper brands, so the poor pensioners who suffer the worst state pension in the western world will almost always go for the lowest priced choices.

“I am sure they only stock it kicking and screaming, to pretend they are supporting local produce. They recently got rid of the four-pint skimmed milk from a local supplier, which was a top seller, and they told me the managers said they want to ship the milk in from the Midlands of England now.”

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Kilgannon, who lived in England and whose children were born there, said he is anything but anti-English, but Scotland could do much better.

He added: “When you add the almost total domination of our media by our neighbours and the 24/7 anti-indy barrage we all have to endure, it’s absolutely disgraceful, but … shows the strength and depth of feelings that so many people have managed to see through the blanket of lies and want Scotland to govern herself.”

In a short statement, Morrisons said: “We source from over 900 Scottish farmers, seafood suppliers and growers – from Shetland to Stranraer. This includes sourcing a wide range of Scottish shellfish, fish and milk.”