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A RESURFACED clip of a No voter saying she doesn't believe pro-independence concerns about the Union now seems sadly prophetic.

The clip shows Carol Craig - an author and researcher who was vocal during the campaign - saying she doesn't believe "pessimistic" views from Yes voters about staying in the Union ahead of the 2014 independence referendum.

Well, it turns out the fears were justified.

She said: "They're pessimistic about whether Labour would win the next election, whether England would want to withdraw from the EU, the rise of Ukip, Boris Johnson becoming Prime Minister.

"I just don't believe that that is what's going to happen."

Since the 2014 vote, Labour have not won any General Elections, England did vote to leave the EU, Ukip rose during the Brexit campaign (and have subsequently fallen off) and we're well aware now that Boris Johnson has become Prime Minister.

The comments have not aged well and show a real perspective on reasons given during that campaign to convince people to vote in favour of the Union.

The National:

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Another reason that likely contributed to many Scots voting No in the 2014 referendum  was "The Vow", a commitment from then-leaders of the three main parties in Westminster to give Scotland more powers.

Despite promising Scotland more powers in that vow, none have arrived and all the leaders that made it (David Cameron, Ed Milliband and Nick Clegg) are no longer leaders of their parties.