BORIS Johnson has been told to "accept his responsibilities" as Prime Minister and allow scrutiny of his plans to end lockdown restrictions in England.

The Prime Minister is to host a news conference at 5pm this afternoon where he will set out plans to end all legal Covid restrictions in England by July 19. 

The SNP's Westminster leader has condemned the announcement of changes to being made without parliamentary scrutiny from Westminster and that details were released beforehand.

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He said: "Why is Boris Johnson not coming to Parliament to announce this as he should? He must as the Prime Minister accept his responsibilities to be scrutinised in the house.

"This is not acceptable and he should be told as such. The details should also not be pre-released like this."

There is a long-standing expectation that ministers will detail major developments to Parliament first before statements are made to the media.

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Commons Speaker Lindsay Hoyle met with Johnson last month over the issue of statements about legal changes being made to the press before MPs were told in the Commons.

Hoyle described accused Downing Steet of “running roughshod” over MPs by opting to release details of a delay to planned unlocking of Covid restrictions last month.

The pair met following the Speaker's statement to the Commons agreed that future announcements would be made simultaneously to the public and the Commons.

As Boris Johnson announces the changes at a press briefing this afternoon, Health Secretary Sajid Javid is expected to announce them to the Commons.