THE ever-active Aberdeen Independence Movement will host an open Zoom meeting on Tuesday, under the heading A Road Map to a More Just Nation.

The road map in question is laid out by the Social Justice and Fairness Commission, whose member Neil Gray MSP will be one of the speakers in Tuesday’s event, which will be hosted by Fatima Joji and feature Julia Stachurska, the SNP Students National Convener.

Aberdeen Independence Movement (AIM) stated: “The work and findings of the Social Justice and Fairness Commission is simply the most important piece of work on our road to independence. The commission’s report will be the backbone of the next independence campaign. Join us on Tuesday at 7.30pm and find out more.”

Details of how to join the meeting are on AIM’s Facebook page.

To remind people of what the commission is about, here’s what Gray told the Scottish Parliament after its report was published: “Our report is not just about the policies that could make Scotland a fairer independent nation; it is also about how we could make decisions better.

“It focuses on democratic renewal, involving people more in policy making, expanding the use of citizens’ assemblies and participatory budgeting, and more community ownership and wealth building.

“It is about the work that will need to be done if we want to achieve a good society through building consensus and state building.”