ALL Under One Banner has announced that it will hold a static rally for independence in Dundee at the end of the month.

The group which organised marches and rallies all over Scotland over the last few years before the pandemic has decided to proceed with a static rally and not a march in view of the continuing concerns over the spread of Covid-19.

The event will take place in the City Square in front of the Caird Hall on Saturday, July 31, from 1pm to 3pm.

One of AUOB’s most successful events took place in Dundee in August 2018, when upwards of 16,000 people marched through the city to a rally in Magdalen Park.

Since the outbreak of coronavirus, AUOB has drastically curtailed its public activities and has held only four static rallies with numbers in the hundreds rather than the tens of thousands who participated in previous marches. About 300 people attended the rally at Bannockburn last weekend.

The Dundee rally has attracted some criticism on social media, due to the continuing high rates of infection in the east of Scotland but AUOB emphasises that the rally will be held in accordance with Scottish Government and Police Scotland advice.

The group has previously cancelled a rally in Dundee scheduled for October last year after infection rates soared across the country.

AUOB stated: “AUOB has called this rally because now is the time to exercise self-determination and set the date for indyref2.

“We need the full economic powers of independence for recovery, we need independence to eradicate poverty, we need independence to put people before profit. The full powers of any normal independent nation are crucial to economic recovery from the pandemic.

“Now is the time to call the referendum so we can invest in our public services and build a more resilient health and social care sector – so we can borrow, control all tax and manage our budget. We need independence for recovery, independence for prosperity – dissolve the Union.

“So, join us on July 31 at Dundee to hear a broad range of political speakers and some entertainment as we rally for independence now.

“We will be announcing an open mobilising Zoom meeting for Yes groups and individual campaigners to come together to help build the rally. Please do not attend if you feel unwell, observe distancing, wear face coverings and have good hand hygiene.

“This is the fifth static rally that we will have held, with every occasion they are responsibly organised and participated in, each having zero impact on Covid rates.

“We look forward to seeing you all in Dundee on July 31.”