The National:

DO you like flags? Then boy does the UK have a prime minister for you.

Since Boris Johnson entered Downing Street we’ve seen his Tories tell every UK Government building across the UK to fly the Union flag every single day.

If that wasn’t enough, we’ve also heard of plans to put a 32-metre high Union flag up in the centre of Cardiff, despite Wales only being represented on its association with England.

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Now, in a move most likely not on his itinerary as “Minister for the Union”, Boris Johnson has posed with a giant St George’s flag.

Laid outside No10 Downing Street, the flag soon got a taste of life under the Tories, as Johnson trampled all over it.

The National:

The official government Flickr account which shared the photos said: “Prime Minister Boris Johnson poses for a photograph outside 10 Downing Street with a giant St George's flag ahead of the England Quarter-Final game against Ukraine.”

We’ve looked for David Cameron posing with a giant Wales flag from when that team got to the Euro semi-finals in 2016, but couldn’t find one.

What’s changed between then and now?

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Whatever it may be, it’s odd that this is the same Boris Johnson who said last year: “I do not believe in gestures.”

Actually, considering Boris Johnson’s numerous inconsistencies, perhaps it’s not that odd at all.

The photos have been met with varying responses on social media, where they were first shared by Harry Cole of the Sun: