THE number of furloughed jobs in Scotland dropped to 173,100 at the end of May, down from 275,700 in April.

The figures came as the coronavirus support scheme begins to be phased out.

From yesterday, employers need to pick up 10% of their furloughed workers’ salaries.

Across the UK, more than 2.4 million people moved off furlough as businesses reopened between the end of February and May.

During the peak of the pandemic in May 2020, nine million people were furloughed across the UK.

Scotland now has 83,300 fully and 89,900 partially furloughed jobs.

The UK Government said the decline shows the scheme is working as planned.

Chancellor Rishi Sunak said: “Our Plan for Jobs has supported people’s jobs and livelihoods throughout the pandemic and it’s fantastic to see so many people coming off furlough and into their workplaces with our restaurants, pubs and shops reopened.

“These figures show what we always hoped would happen – that the scheme is naturally winding down as the economy reopens, but continuing to support those businesses and employees that need our help.”

However a poll for Scotland’s national advice service, Advice Direct Scotland, found 35% of Scottish workers are worried about the future of their job.

The Survation study found concerns are particularly high in the north-east, with 42% saying they are “quite worried” or “very worried”.

Andrew Bartlett, chief executive of Advice Direct Scotland, said: “These findings highlight the concerns faced by many Scots about their job.

“It’s particularly alarming to see such high figures among women, the young and people in the north-east.

“The Covid pandemic caused massive economic turmoil, but many jobs have been protected as a result of the furlough scheme or grants.

“With the end of those schemes in sight, it’s likely that many workers will be increasingly worried.

“Anyone who is concerned about their employment rights or their job can contact us at for free, impartial and practical advice.”