RUNRIG fans and music lovers have a treat in store with the release tomorrow of the much anticipated documentary There Must Be A Place – a unique, 100-minute insight into rock and folk history.

Film-makers had unprecedented access to the bands personal archives and say the resulting film is the definitive story of one of Scotland’s most popular and iconic bands.

Runrig’s story is an emotional tale of ups and downs, twists and turns, tears of joy and heartbreak.

From humble beginnings as a ceilidh band started in 1973 by two brothers and a friend from the Isle of Skye, they grew to become one of Scotland’s best-loved groups, selling out concerts across the world, from the dance halls of the Scottish Highlands and Islands to New York’s Times Square.

With Donnie Munro as lead singer from 1975 to 1997, they went from a young band chasing a dream to signing a major record deal with Chrysalis Records, and playing an iconic gig at Loch Lomond in 1991 in front of 50,000 fans.

When Munro left to pursue a career in politics, the band could have crumbled, but instead, an exhaustive search for a new singer led to the chance discovery of Bruce Guthro, who joined in 1998 and extended the band’s life by 20 years, leading to chart success and European tours.

Runrig’s journey ended in 2018 with two emotional farewell concerts under Stirling’s historic castle, where 50,000 fans sang, cried and danced out their memories.

The National:

Founding member of Runrig, Calum MacDonald, said: “This documentary has been many years in the making, and in its making; it has at times, mirrored the very narrative portrayed on film.

“Forty-five years is a big canvas to cover and from our Last Dance concerts in 2018, through to the realities and challenges of the global pandemic, Blazing Griffin has worked resolutely to bring this film to a place of completion and excellence.”

His brother, Rory, said: “It is a privilege to have our story documented in this manner. The narrative is well observed and the film sequences are compelling.

“We thank director Jack Cocker and the whole BG team for such a sympathetic and insightful critique of our career in music.”

BAFTA award-wining digital entertainment company Blazing Griffin produced the documentary, which is credited with 54 songs, including rousing renditions of Loch Lomond and Hearts of Olden Glory, capturing the close emotional connection between the band and their loyal legion of fans.

Producer Steven Little said: “It’s been an absolute honour to make this heartfelt documentary. The band members trusted us with their most prized possessions, including an incredible collection of private images, packed with personal stories, triumphs and unforgettable moments.

“We are thrilled with the finished film and can’t wait to hear what Runrig’s fans worldwide have to say. I’m sure they’re going to love it.”

Jack Cocker, who directed the film, said: “Runrig have always been ‘Scotland’s house band’. After all, no Scottish wedding is complete until we’ve all danced our socks off to Loch Lomond!

“Over their long career, Runrig helped Scotland see itself differently, more confidently, and not only that – they took our culture and shared it with the world.

“I hope that in telling their story, we can maybe turn a few new people on to what a brilliant band they are.”

David Smith, director of screen at Screen Scotland, added: “The film’s talented creative team have created an incredible tribute to Runrig and the significant cultural contribution they have made over the last 40 years, both in Scotland and promoting Scottish music and Gaelic culture across the world.”

Blazing Griffin filmed and produced Runrig’s three-hour concert film The Last Dance, which captures the band’s farewell sell-out concerts at Stirling Castle in August 2018.

There Must Be A Place is available to pre-order from Cherry Red Records and fans can also pre-order limited editions of an accompanying T-shirt, film print and postcards.

European fans can pre-order the film from Sony Music Entertainment Germany in DVD format, Blu-ray and a limited edition boxset.