THE Union has never been this “fragile”, according to the Labour first minister of Wales.

Mark Drakeford has put out a report on how to reform relations between his and the UK Government, which he says have deteriorated recently.

The Welsh leader acknowledged that if the situation continues in its current form the “case for the break-up of the UK will only increase”.

The opponent of Welsh independence wrote: "Too often we see the UK Government act in an aggressively unilateral way, claiming to act on behalf of the whole UK, but without regard for the status of the nations and the democratic mandates of their governments."

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“Wales’ future is best served by having strong devolution – so decisions about Wales are made in Wales – and by being an equal partner is a strong and revitalised United Kingdom,” he wrote.

He said Westminster’s approach creates “anger and alienation”, calling on relations to be “reset”.

Drakeford called for more powers for the Senedd, including over justice, and said Westminster should allow Wales and Scotland to hold independence referenda should the parliaments wish to.

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In his report, Drakeford calls for membership of the House of Lords to reflect the make-up of the UK, devolved funding to be based on need and a requirement for Westminster to get permission from the parliaments if it wants to fund projects in Scotland or Wales.

Responding to the report the UK Government said while it wants people to work together across the four nations, prioritising constitutional issues at this time is “an irresponsible and unwanted distraction”.

Meanwhile, the Welsh Tories called the report “unwelcome and unnecessary”.