A LABOUR MSP has rebelled against Anas Sarwar by backing indyref2, if the Scottish Parliament votes for it.

Katy Clark broke ranks to say that a second referendum should be held if the Parliament decides it “needs” to happen.

She also said Holyrood should have a veto on renewing Trident and going to war.

Sarwar, the Scottish Labour leader, has repeatedly refused to countenance another vote on independence under any circumstances.

Clark, who formerly worked for Jeremy Corbyn, told the BBC: "I didn’t campaign for a referendum. I don’t think there should be a referendum now, however if the Scottish Parliament were to vote for one my view is that that should happen.”

The West of Scotland representative added: “If the Scottish Parliament is saying that there needs to be a referendum then I would argue there should be one.”

On the Scottish Parliament having a veto on Trident, she commented: “As well as the UK Parliament having to agree, then the Scottish Parliament should also have to consent to those decisions.”

Asked whether this should also apply to going to war, the MSP replied: “My view is yes.”

It is understood Scottish Labour do not agree with this position on Trident and the UK going to war.

The comments were welcomed by the SNP’s Westminster leader.

The National: Ian Blackford

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Ian Blackford tweeted: “This is a basic principle of democracy. A majority of pro-independence MSPs were elected on a mandate to hold a post-pandemic referendum.

“Good to see at least one Labour MSP recognises that people in Scotland have the right to determine their own future.”

A Labour spokesperson commented: "Scottish Labour, and the Labour movement across the UK, is committed to modernising the UK's constitutional settlement so that it works for all of our nations and regions.

"Scottish Labour will continue to advocate for a strong Scottish Parliament."

Ahead of the Holyrood election in May, Sarwar sacked a candidate who expressed support for an second independence referendum.

Hollie Cameron had been due to contest the Glasgow Kelvin constituency, but was removed by Labour bosses after an interview she gave to The Sunday National.

In that interview, Cameron suggested that indyref2 should happen “when the public wants” and that may fall in the next parliamentary term. She added: “I say, why not?”

Clark's comments prompted an angry response from the Scottish Tories.

Shadow constitution secretary Donald Cameron said: “It’s absurd for a senior figure in Scottish Labour to call for Holyrood veto over explicitly reserved powers that are clearly UK-wide decisions.

“This Labour home rule plan risks undermining the foundations of the United Kingdom and our national security.

“Playing to the nationalists like this only highlights that Scottish Labour will no longer stand up for the United Kingdom at every turn.

“This Labour MSP has made it clear she will cave in and roll in behind the SNP when they demand another independence referendum.

“At a time when all our focus should be on our recovery from Covid, it is astonishing we have a Labour MSP wasting time promoting proposals that could potentially weaken the United Kingdom’s security arrangements.”