THE taxpayer forked out almost £50,000 to have the Earl and Countess of Strathearn, William and Kate, come on their train tour of Scotland.

The trip sparked fury at the time for breaching a Covid travel ban in place to protect the health of the nation.

The royal household claimed it was essential travel for work, that work being "thanking frontline workers".

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Now, newly published figures on the royals' finances have revealed that the taxpayer paid nearly £50,000 for the visit.

Here are some other key figures from the royal accounts for 2020-2021:

£85.9 million – The total taxpayer-funded Sovereign Grant, made up of £51.5 million for the “core” funding and an extra £34.4 million for the reservicing of Buckingham Palace.

£87.5 million – Taxpayer funds spent by the monarchy – a rise of £18.1 million or 26% from £69.4 million in 2019/2020.

£1.29 – Cost per person in the UK of funding the total Sovereign Grant.

77p – Cost per person of the “core” part of the Sovereign Grant for official duties – not including funds for the long-term Buckingham Palace works.

8% – Proportion of staff from ethnic minority backgrounds working for the Queen’s Royal Household.

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£0 – Amount of taxpayers’ money spent on the probe into alleged bullying by the Duchess of Sussex. It is being paid for privately by the royal family.

£2.4 million – Amount the Sussexes paid back with regard to Frogmore Cottage.

113 – Official engagements carried out by the Queen in the last financial year – 183 less or a decline of 62% compared to the 296 carried out in 2019-2020.

Almost 1470 – Official engagements by the royals in the UK and overseas.

508 – Full-time equivalent staff paid for from the Sovereign Grant, with the wage bill coming to £24.1 million.

£900,000 – Cost of housekeeping and hospitality for the Royal Household – a fall of £1.7 million or 65%.

£3.2 million – Cost of official royal travel, a fall of £2.1 million – 40% – from £5.3 million the previous year.

£4.452 million – The Prince of Wales’s bill for the Sussexes and the Cambridges’ activities, plus Charles’s other expenditure including his capital expenditure and transfer to reserves – a drop of £1.2 million in the year after Harry and Meghan quit.

£20.4 million – Charles’s annual private income from the Duchy of Cornwall landed estate.

£3.063 million – Charles’s non-official expenditure for himself and his family including salary costs of valets and farm workers and a proportion of costs for chefs and gardeners.

£172,000 – Official costs of Charles’s London office and official residence Clarence House.

£5 million – Charles’s tax bill.

£47,965 – Cost of travel for William and Kate’s royal train tour to Scotland.