SCOTTISH actors Ewan McGregor and Sam Heughan will appear together on screen for the first time in a new thriller.

The Star Wars and Outlander stars will feature alongside Mark Strong in Everest.

The movie is inspired by the Jeffrey Archer novel Paths Of Glory, set in 1921, and tells the tale of George Mallory, played by McGregor, attempting to conquer Mount Everest for the first time.

The National:

He is commissioned to do so by the Royal Geographic Society in a bid to boost mood for the British empire – but Mallory and his Australian rival George Finch, played by Heughan, see it only as a personal quest.

Strong plays Arthur Hinks, who picks out Mallory to take up the mission.

Mallory died during his third bid to climb Everest, with mystery surrounding whether he made it to the top or not.

Pro-independence actors Heughan and McGregor will be directed by Doug Liman, who is a climber himself.

The script was written by Sheldon Turner, who wrote the Oscar-nominated Up In The Air.

Jennifer Klein, producing the film with Liman, said: "We are thrilled to be working with HanWay Films in telling this important and timeless story.

“Bringing Everest to screen is more relevant now than ever. In this period of uncertainty, a story of true determination, passion and positivity can help remind us of what we can overcome.”

HanWay Films managing dirctor Gabrielle Stewart said: “Liman and McGregor are passionate adventurers both in life and filmmaking, and this film asks one of the great unresolved questions of the Everest story: Was Mallory the first to make it to the top, 30 years before Hillary?

"It would not surprise me if in the wake of this film, and as we approach the centenary of Mallory’s life-taking climb, this great mystery would lead us to one of great discovery.”

Everest is scheduled to to start shooting on January 22.