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IT has not been a good opening week for GB News as the controversial channel got off to a clunky start after launching on Sunday night.

Headed up by Scottish journalist and broadcaster Andrew Neil, GB News was billed as a right-wing news channel that offers a "new approach". While we thought that would mean a Fox Newsification of political commentary in the UK, it appears to just be an unintentional comedy.

So far, GB News has been producing gaffe after gaffe.

From technical gremlins that seem intent on sticking around, to viewers taking full advantage of what seems to be a lack of quality control.

Here are five of the biggest gaffes from the opening week:

1. It doesn't sound quite right ...

Many people will put a news channel on in the background while doing something else around the house.

This means that you generally listen so a good audio experience is essential. No-one appears to have told GB News ...

In the below video you can see that the sound guy doesn't really want to hear what pro-Brexit and former Guido Fawkes journalist Tom Harwood has to say. Not a great look.

This video from comedy duo Larry & Paul sums up quite nicely the first few days of audio glitches from the brand new channel.

2. Name changes fly over presenters' heads

*Warning: strong language*

Fake names can be common in phone-in segments for news shows but they tend to be to protect the identity of the caller rather than to get a cheap laugh.

Most TV or radio news channels will have someone taking the calls before they go out and checking that there is no naughty language included.

Not GB News!

They read out contributions from viewers called "Mike Hunt" and "Mike Oxlong", we'll let you figure out why that's a gaffe below ...

3. Neil Oliver is in 'Sterling' and other graphic errors

Neil Oliver, the Scottish TV archaeologist turned political pundit, appears to be the poster boy for GB News (especially in Scotland).

He has his own show on the channel but appeared on the morning show recently and was speaking via video link from his home in ... err ... Sterling?

Oliver actually lives in the Scottish city of Stirling but we suppose you can't expect the graphics team at GB News to be perfect ...

4. There's a streaker on the pitch!

As we said before, the quality control at GB News is fairly lax, but we suppose that's because they're trying to create content that will spark a conversation.

Even still, broadcasting a man's bare bum on live TV is not what generally constitutes a strong news agenda.

5. Losing ads from all angles

The National:

READ MORE: Advertisers pull out of GB News in protest over channel's content

Alas, that push to be provocative has run up against reality as advertisers have been distancing themselves from GB News.

Big-name brands including Ikea, Koppaberg drinks and Nivea skincare have suspended their advertising on the channel pending "further review" of that anti-woke content.

Indeed, beer company Grolsch said it would “do everything we possibly can” to stop its adverts from appearing on GB News again.

This gaffe could cost the channel its existence, or at least a few presenters when funds start to get low.