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OVER the last weekend we saw lots of statesman and stateswoman-like behaviour from the G7 leaders at their Cornwall summit.

Unfortunately that did not include the UK’s Prime Minister, who is not often praised for his grace and decorum. This is the man who represents us on the world stage. Sigh.

Following on from that display of international diplomacy, Boris Johnson treated those living in England to an update on his June 21 lockdown easing date (also known as freedom day, but we won’t be using that term, thanks).

If you thought Johnson’s messy hair and informal manner at the G7 were bad, just wait and see how seriously he took delivering important public health information.

Bear in mind Johnson and his Tory chums were telling those living in England that they could see no reason to delay the June 21 easing as recently as a week ago.

So this U-turn, amid the concerning spread of the Delta variant, would be really important to him, right? Wrong.

The Prime Minister was incoherent at points during the Covid presser, and viewers were very quick to pick up on it.

Here’s a portion transcribed verbatim: “Um, uh, two-thirds of adults aged, er, er, all adults in the country will have had, will have had, two doses. By the end of, um, er, of, by July, by July the 19th, we will have uh, all adults …”

If communication is key, Johnson definitely failed his mission.

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“Some of this isn’t even real words,” wrote @HillyFoz as she shared the clip on social media.

Others urged Labour to take action. “Just how, how can you not muster an opposition to this? [Labour] I’m not even sure how you sleep at night,” wrote Mark Wood.

“Wonder how the signing guy covers the invented words,” joked Ron Dickinson.

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“I have farted with greater meaning and clarity than Mr Johnson is able to achieve on this video. How this buffoon ever acquired a reputation as a writer or orator is beyond me.” Wrote @MartinRemains.

“The PM of the United Kingdom. My God. My f****** God,” added another commenter.

Have you seen enough yet, Scotland?