AN Edinburgh bookshop made the decision not to open today after a threat pinned to their door had staff feeling unsafe.

The Lighthouse bookshop is a queer-owned and woman-led independent bookshop that describes itself as an "unapologetically activist, intersectional, feminist, antiracist, lgbtq+ community space".

They are usually open seven days a week and champion voices from the margins with the 10,000 titles they stock and events like the Radical Book Fair, normally held in November.

However, the bookshop appears to have been targeted with threats and "weeks of harassment" that forced them not to open today.

In a tweet, they said: "Our booksellers are real people.

"You might not like what we stand for, but you have no right to threaten our humans or make us feel unsafe at work.

"Today’s latest threat, pinned to our doors after weeks of harassment, had us choose safety & selfcare. We’ll be back tomorrow."

A picture of a note taped to the shop's door tells customers why it is not open and directs them to their website.

After sharing the message, the shop received a lot of words of support and added: "The many messages of solidarity we have had are testament to fact that we are not alone in this - thank you.

"If you want to do something about the kind of misogynistic, racist, queerphobic hatred we’ve faced, get involved in the community - help change the narrative."