The National:

WE’RE sure all of you are waiting with baited breath to see what kind of content GB News will offer when it finally launches this weekend.

Thankfully Neil Oliver, who will soon be hosting a weekly current affairs and interview programme on Andrew Neil’s channel, provided a sneaky preview in an interview with The Herald today.

The TV presenter – who believes Scotland becoming independent would “infringe on [his] human rights” as a British citizen – has focused on history throughout his career.

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Oliver’s programmes have looked back throughout the centuries, as far as the dawn of the first millennium in fact. After years of discussing the highs and lows of humanity, the presenter has come to a final conclusion on what is the worst mistake ever.

“I’m apolitical, but over the lockdown I have had opinions,” he told the newspaper. “I think it is the biggest single mistake in world history, and I’m just horrified by the damage that has been done.”

Oh right. Forget everything else that’s ever happened, The Worst Thing has been declared.

The National:

The GB News host’s hot take was widely shared on social media, where users tore it to shreds.

“Worse than appeasing the Nazis, invading Iraq or giving you a TV show?” joked writer James Doleman.

“Can’t wait to quote this article during indyref2 to undermine all the pish he comes out with,” wrote SNP activist Marcus Carslaw.

“Scotland's favourite non-historian imparting his regular words of wisdom,” tweeted historian Dr Stephen Mullen, who followed up his post with a crying-laughing emoji.

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“What’s the point of GB News?” asked journalist David Leask. “If you want attention-seeking hyperbolic wackadoodlery can’t you just log on to Twitter dot com?”

National columnist Gerry Hassan declared that we are living through the “age of complete bull**** over-statement. “Has Oliver, a supposed historian, never heard of Stalinism, the Holocaust, or Pol Pot, to take but 3 examples?”

So then: What actually is the biggest single mistake in world history?