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NEIL Oliver, one of GB News’s new flagship presenters who will unfortunately be moving more into news commentary, seems to be lacking in understanding of some pretty basic stuff.

Today, it’s the concept of tax.

Considering that Oliver is often styled as a “historian”, and tax has quite literally existed for about 5000 years, you would be forgiven for thinking he may have heard of it.

Nevertheless, the “coast guy” today wrote on Twitter: “If you were being paid to stay at home, would you ever opt to go back to work?”

That probably depends on whether the person hates their job or is lucky enough to have one which they enjoy. Imagine a world where everyone could pursue careers they enjoy, perhaps with something like a universal basic income to support them?

The very idea of it must keep Oliver awake at night.

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Anyway, he quickly followed his first tweet up with: “Is it fair to collect tax from people who have to go to work, and then give that money to other people paid to stay at home?”

Oliver’s questioning of the idea of helping those worse off than yourself in order to create a better society probably hints at the kind of politics we can expect from GB News.

Unsurprisingly, his risible “questions” sparked quite the furious backlash.

Playwright Peter Arnott responded: “There has never been any other basis for any other tax system in any country at any time ever ... so unless you are simply advocating no taxes at all, including to pay for your children and your health care, may I respectfully suggest you pull the other one?”

One user, called simply Tom, wrote: “If you are suggesting that my father after his third stroke should not have received any benefits while my mother went every day to teach in a school and be taxed before going home to tend him, then I'm going to have to disagree.

“Didn't think that one through, did ye, lad?”

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One Oscar Franklin asked: "So you are against pensions, sick pay, maternity pay, and unemployment support? Interesting take to put out there Oliver."

Another user commented: “Thanks for making me feel ashamed about becoming sick and disabled!

“I used to be a career person, ran my own business and then became sick. These types of posts are awful, I still pay taxes on products and services you know?

“Be grateful you're able to work.”

A third, called Craig, added: “Yes. Yes it is.

“Is it fair that the ‘elite’ know all of the dodges, and stash billions offshore so that they don’t pay tax?

“Is it fair that ‘personalities’ are trying to turn the masses against each other while the privileged few sit back and laugh?”

Another Craig commented: "Dependant on the situation, absolutely! As long as the taxation is fair and progressive. It’s about the kind of society we want to be, supporting the most vulnerable.

"In Glasgow, Neil would be commonly referred to as an utter fandan."

Another user wrote: “Yes. Same way that it's fair to tax working people to provide universal services like education and refuse collection. A rising tide lifts all boats.”

A Scott Russell asked: "Who’d have think that GB News presenter would think unemployment benefit was a bad thing..."

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While some questioned whether Oliver was referring to the furlough scheme and raising a genuine question about its continuation, we’ll agree with the University of Stirling’s Professor Iain Docherty.

He wrote: “It's generally a good idea to assume people actually mean what they say.”

Here's a few more of our favourite responses for good measure: