The National:

AFTER the Scottish independence referendum, the Tories were very particular about implementing English Votes for English Laws – but it seems that system has slipped the minds of some within the party.

Conservative MP for West Aberdeenshire and Kincardine, Andrew Bowie, posted a very pointed tweet about an education debate in the Commons – of course a devolved area.

“Usually the SNP love to opine on how much better they do things in Scotland,” he wrote. “Today not one SNP MP has turned up. Their benches are empty. I wonder why?”

The opposition day debate in question focused on education in England, amid the UK Government facing backlash over the “paltry” amount of catch-up funding it has committed to.

Bowie didn’t have to wonder for too long, as plenty social media users were quick to explain the situation to him.

“Gee I dunno Andrew, that might be because Scottish education is devolved to Holyrood?” suggested the SNP Peterhead Twitter account. “It’s more than ‘opining’ that we do it better here. Free early years education, no tuition fees for university, maybe you could do some studying and check which Parliament covers your area?

“So with that in mind what are YOU doing there? Debating education in a country that you don’t represent? Because you too are meant to represent Scottish interests, not that anyone would know!”

The National:

Steven Roy called on Douglas Ross to explain to his party member how EVEL works. “You need to get yourself some smarter MPs,” he joked.

Another asked why Bowie had attended the debate himself, saying: “You should have been working on Scottish issues instead.”

Bowie might want to tune into Scottish Parliament TV some time if he wants to see discussions on education that actually relate to the constituents he represents.