THE police will not be taking further action against Scottish Green chiefs after they breached coronavirus rules in an Edinburgh pub.

Co-leaders Patrick Harvie and Lorna Slater were photographed with colleague Ross Greer and another man in Browns on George Street in Edinburgh last month.

Level 2 restrictions state only three households are allowed to be together in a hospitality or domestic setting. Harvie, who is a resident of Glasgow which was under Level 3 restrictions, is allowed to travel for work, but should not have been inside the hospitality premises.

The party leaders have both since apologised and said it was an “honest mistake”.

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A Police Scotland spokeswoman commented: "We’re aware that the individuals involved have apologised for their mistake.

"We have assessed the situation and will not be taking any further action in relation to this matter.

"We would remind everyone of the requirement to follow the restrictions which are in place to help suppress the spread of coronavirus."

In an earlier statement, Harvie and Slater said: "We attended a work-related meeting in a venue in central Edinburgh on Tuesday evening (May 25), where the three household limit was not upheld.

"This was an honest mistake, we're kicking ourselves and apologise unreservedly."