The National:

“DISGUSTING”. “A shame”. “Pathetic bigotry”. “Hatred”. “Unsporting and joyless”. “Bitterness and pettiness”.

What could have got all these Unionists so angry?

Is it the news that Boris Johnson’s Tory government didn’t even consider other options before handing more than half a million pounds to a company run by some good friends of Dominic Cummings?

Could it be that Priti Patel told Parliament that she had followed public health guidance when housing refugees in a former army barracks, but a judge ruled that the Home Office had actually ignored that health advice “without good reason”?

No. It really should be one of those or countless other failings of the Tory government, but it’s not.

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Instead, a pub in Scotland has hung nine flags in its windows ahead of the Euros, but one of them isn’t the English flag.

Unionists are fuming, as they no doubt are at all the English pubs which aren’t flying Saltires. Double standards isn’t something they’d consider, surely.

The storm in a teacup was started by one tweet which included a photograph of the pub in question.

The Twitter user wrote: “Tennent's Bar Byres road Glasgow manage to get nine nations flags in their windows. There seems to be one missing, I do hope all resident and visiting English folk remember this oversite [sic] when choosing a bar to spend their cash in.”

Though a fair number of people pointed out that it is just a football rivalry, others were furious.

“Two Scottish flags and no English flag is sending a powerful message to any of our English cousins visiting #Glasgow West End. How unsporting and joyless,” one user wrote, sharing a TripAdvisor link to the bar, apparently trying to encourage poor reviews.

“I will not be spending my money there and I hope Scotland get pumped rotten”, someone with a Union flag in their name wrote. Is that Unionism?

One even wildly claimed: “You can hardly blame the publican for this - an England flag in the window would get the place shut down by Sturgeon's Police Scotland.”

Obviously all this outrage was superficial.

As The Glasgow Times has now reported, the pub’s English flag is inside.