FOLLOWING the success of a trial project, the Scottish Independence Foundation (SIF) is writing to every pro-independence group that it has previously corresponded with to make an offer of support for a campaign that will be both local and national.

The letter read: “We would like to make an offer to you regarding high-profile local campaigning materials.

“Most of you would have seen the recent billboard campaign from Believe in Scotland (an offshoot from Business for Scotland) where they ran six adverts on 98 electronic screens across Scotland. This ongoing work has been partly funded by a large grant from SIF.

“We would now like to expand this, but at a simpler and more local level – and that’s where you might come in.”

The letter features pictures of an ordinary car trailer which has been converted into an Adtrailer and is located in East Dunbartonshire. This work was carried out by SIF convener, Willie Wilson, with artwork provided by sympathetic designers. It is seen by thousands of passing motorists every day.

The letter continues: “Do you have a trailer, van or similar vehicle which might be adapted to display posters like these?

“Would you be able to place it in a visible but secure location (eg near a roundabout) and/or to drive it about during the run up to our referendum? The message conveyed could be drawn from the dozens available on the Believe in Scotland website or one of your own design.

“If so then SIF might be willing to help with the costs of this. For example, we could help pay for any conversion/adaptation costs to allow you to display posters: for example, that could be the materials you decide you need to get a supporting frame built for your trailer or van.

“We could produce suitable posters and send them to you: these would be at the right dimensions for you, and probably printed on weather resistant Correx sheets.

“Your needs – and the help from SIF – would likely vary in each case, as would the types of posters which work best in your area."

To start these conversations, please get back to one or both of the following: Greg McCarra (chief executive) – if you know what you want to do and you are now looking for a grant from SIF: or Willie Wilson (convener) if you want to talk to someone who has already done a conversion job:

The letter concludes: “We hope this offer appeals to you personally but, if you know someone else who might be interested, then please just forward this email to them.

“We have much work to do before the referendum in persuading the undecideds to move to Yes. Local campaigning can make a great contribution to that work.”

Let us know how you get on.