A GROUP of independence supporters have hoisted one of Scotland’s largest flags onto a historic monument in an effort to celebrate the country and mark the further easing of lockdown restrictions.

Judith Reid and Fiona Campbell worked alongside friends to get the 19m x 16m Saltire  onto McCaig’s Tower, overlooking the resort town of Oban, this afternoon as part of a “spectacular” day.

The pair have been joined by Andy Rushton, Angus Files, and Campbell and Joy Cameron to make the idea a reality this afternoon.

The huge Scottish flag is currently being taken on a tour of the country, starting recently at Nairn Beach, with plans to display it in Skye on the Cuillin mountain range and in Kirkcaldy.

“We thought today was a brilliant idea for it to be shown in Oban for a few things,” explained Reid. “To celebrate Scotland, to celebrate us coming out lockdown and obviously a good thumbs up for the Scottish Government for all they’ve done through Covid and this is obviously a turning point, hopefully, for Scotland.”

The National:

The flag could be seen from some distance away

Reid and Campbell decided to take the giant Saltire on tour recently after getting “fed up” with seeing Union flags everywhere.

“Scotland is Scotland - we need to be flying our own flags,” said Reid. “You’d be amazed by how many kids are not aware of Scotland having their own flag. We tend to come along and hand out little flags as well, let them know that this is our national flag.”

The National:

“Also in a way, it’s about building bridges as well,” added Campbell. “We’re all members of different political parties – the flag’s non-affiliated to any party, it’s all about being Scottish and moving forward.”

Physically getting the flag up to McCaig’s Tower was a “bit of a feat”, Reid told The National over the phone, while cars tooted their horns at the Saltire in the background.

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“We went and visited the site last night and thought crikey, there’s no way we’re going to get up here,” she said.

“We went away and had a big conflab about it and decided it would be a good idea to use a fishing rod, pull that across and get that tied on, get onto the ropes, as the rope was attached to the flag, and hoist it over.”

The campaigners were joined at the prominent landmark by people from Ireland, Wales, and across Scotland, as well as tourists from overseas, who helped them hoist the flag up.

The National:

“It was such a fantastic day, it was brilliant,” Reid said. “To have the largest Saltire flying in Oban, on McCaig’s Tower, was just spectacular.”

Reid said anyone wanting to fly the giant flag in their location should seek her out on Facebook and get in touch.

“If anybody wants to display it anywhere else in Scotland, we’re more than happy to accommodate that,” she said.