PEOPLE across Scotland are sharing their favourite Scots phrases on Twitter as part of a project to share the language.

Traditional music organisation Hands Up For Trad came up with the idea for “Gies a Scots Phrase Day“, which takes place today.

Those who want to take part are urged to film themselves saying their favourite Scots phrase and put it on social media with the hashtag #GiesaScotsPhraseDay.

National contributor and Scots expert Alistair Heather has been encouraging people to take part in the scheme.

And Scots from all over the country – including Glasgow, Aberdeen, Dundee and Shetland – have all posted their favourite phrases on Twitter.

Here are the best responses:

1. 'It's nae loss whit a a freen gets' meaning 'your friend's happiness is yours'

2. 'It wisna fur naethin that the cat lickit the steen' meaning 'there’s a reason for everything'

3. 'Hair like cat’s sookins' meaning 'wet, limp hair'

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4. 'Whit’s for ye will no go by ye' meaning 'if it's meant to be, then it will happen for you'

5. 'Dry boke'

6. 'Haud yer wheesht' meaning 'be quiet'

7. 'A shivery bite' meaning 'something to eat after a swim'

8. 'Awa an bile yer heid' meaning 'to stop being ridiculous'

9. 'Gie it laldy' meaning 'do your best'