SCOTTISH Tory leader Douglas Ross wore a pin showing a rainbow and Scottish flag side by side during First Minister's Questions in the Scottish Parliament today. 

Ross appeared via video link at the session this afternoon as he is self-isolating at an Edinburgh hotel after a close contact tested positive for Covid-19.

The MSP's badge appears to be a pride flag to symbolise support for the LGBT+ community in the month of June.

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But Ross's voting record shows he voted against allowing same sex marriage in 2019, that he generally voted against laws to promote equality and human rights between 2018-2019 and he voted against equal gay rights in 2019.

MSPs passed legislation legalising same-sex marriage in Scotland in February 2014.

Ross, who was then a Tory councillor, told the Northern Scot newspaper at the time that he would have voted against the bill, warning “we should also recognise the hundreds of thousands of people who oppose this legislation”.

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During the Channel 4 election debate in April, host Krishnan Guru-Murthy pointed out to Ross that the legislation being passed made former Scottish Tory leader, Ruth Davidson, “cry with joy that she was so pro-equal marriage”.

He added: “Were you against equal marriage in 2014?”

Ross said: “I’ve said, in a debate in Moray Council chamber, that there was a passionate engaged debate on both sides and I was balancing both sides of the argument because many constituents had contacted me about it.

“I said at the time I would have voted against it, just like two of Nicola Sturgeon’s government ministers voted against it.

“I have also said that I fully support it. I think marriage is a thing of beauty both for men and women and people of same sex and it’s something we should support.”

Scots from across the political spectrum hit out at Ross for the decision to wear a rainbow pin.

One said: "You have no right to wear a pride pin and act like you are supportive of our community. You and the tories disgust our community by continuing to make our lives worse."

Another added: "This bothers me so much. There are people in my life that he is meant to represent as their MP yet he actively votes against allowing them the same rights that I’m entitled to."

Others said Ross is a "hypocrite" for wearing the pin.