A TORY MSP has been mocked for declaring the Scottish Greens are “hard-left extremists” and calling for Holyrood voting reform.

Murdo Fraser, MSP for Mid Scotland and Fife, declared Lorna Slater and Patrick Harvie’s party aims to “restrict personal freedom” while writing in a Scotsman column.

The politician focused on the ongoing talks between the SNP and Greens on co-operation – no formal agreement has yet been struck among the two parties.

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In his article Fraser also insisted that the AMS voting system which saw 72 pro-independence MSPs – 64 SNP and eight Greens - elected to the Scottish Parliament last month “is not delivering proportionate outcomes”.

Fraser wrote: “Scratch under the surface of the Scottish Green Party and you find not a cuddly group of promoters of cycling, recycling and protecting wildlife, but a group of hard-left extremists intent on dismantling free enterprise, and restricting personal freedom in the process.”

He added that there are concerns over the Greens’ influence in government among rural communities because of their “lack of understanding of, for example, the economics of farming and country sports”.

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The Tory expressed his anger over AMS delivering this outcome. “I think most people would think that in a proportional system it would only be fair and reasonable that if the Scottish Conservatives achieved, say, 25 per cent of the votes across Scotland, then they should be rewarded with 25 per cent of the seats,” he wrote. “If that is not what is happening, then the system needs to change.”

Greens and independence supporters were quick to respond to Fraser’s concerns this morning. “I can’t tell if he’s saying this because he hasn’t read our manifesto, or because he has,” wrote Slater before linking the MSP to her party’s pledges.

The National:

Another newly elected Green MSP, Gillian Mackay, responded: “Absolutely terrible bunch wanting kids not to go hungry, the planet to survive, 4-day working weeks and a universal basic income.  Awful, non-cuddly things.”

National columnist Pat Kane was confused by Fraser’s branding of the Greens, but added he was open to changing the AMS system. “I’m scratching furiously ... [though] I’m not opposed to Fraser’s preference for a STV voting system at Holyrood. Something for post-indy?”

Another National contributor, Gerry Hassan, said calling the Greens “extremists” is “ridiculous” – and “shows Tories like Murdo Fraser are rattled by their rise and influence”.

“A bit rich of Murdo talking of extremism when he and his pals cannot support law and order and condemn the George Square riot,” he added.

Others welcomed the “hard-left extremists” label. Jack Boag joked: “Conservatives threatening us with a good time again.”