The National:

MYSTERY surrounds the whereabouts of the Sunday National’s Westminster diarist, Rupert St John Fontaine, after he leaked intimate details of last week’s secret wedding of Boris Johnson and Carrie Symonds.

In the Friday entry for last week’s diary, filed on the eve of the wedding, St John Fontaine wrote: “I fear the real story is somewhat more sinister.

“She [Carrie] wants Father Stanislaus to do the ceremony which is to be a mixture of Catholicism and Wicca.” He added: “I’ve been asked to organise the wedding props. There are to be black candles and all the guests must arrive in red hooded capes. The ceremony is to be held at midnight at a secret location.”

The National:

Rupert St John Fontaine of the Department of Social Affairs

In a veiled reference to dark forces at work, St John Fontaine revealed: “Carrie asked me a funny question the other day. ‘How are they coming along with those renovations at Boleskine House?’”.

St John Fontaine, who writes under a pseudonym for fear of reprisals from Symonds’ inner circle, has been uncontactable since filing last week’s column. A close friend of the diarist said: “There were some very strange going-ons around the wedding and Rupert obviously felt the public had a right to know.”

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Callum Baird, editor of the National and Sunday National said: “We’re making every effort to contact Rupert after friends reported he’d not been in his usual Westminster drinking-dens for days."