UNITE general secretary candidates have backed Scotland’s right to an independence referendum.

All three candidates backed Scotland’s right to self-determination during a virtual hustings held by Unite Hospitality Glasgow.

The three candidates, Sharon Graham, Howard Beckett and Steve Turner, all said that the issue should be decided by the people of Scotland after they were asked a question on their position by a member.

The trio were asked whether or not they support an independence referendum – with or without the consent of Westminster.

Answering first, Beckett said: “Yes I do agree with that position. It would be counterintuitive for those who believe in the Union to argue that the decision should be taken from Westminster as much as they believe in the Union. The answer to that is not to deny democracy.

“This question lies in Scotland. The SNP and those who want independence have a mandate from the last vote, they also have a change in circumstances because of Brexit, and regardless of whether or not you’re for independence or the Union, the simple reality is the question lies with the Scottish people, Scottish Parliament and they should take it.”

Beckett added that Labour can choose their own position on indyref2, but that it took a “wrong position” in 2014 and is still suffering the consequences.

Turner agreed and said that self-determination is a “fundamental tenet of democracy”.

He said: “I think people in Scotland are sick and tired of people elsewhere sitting on sofas telling them what’s good for them.”

Meanwhile, Graham said that although they do all agree that an independence referendum is Scotland’s right, Unite’s position should be decided at a local level within workplaces and branches, not by the administration of the Union.