THERE is rising hope that most of Scotland will move to Level 1 of the Scottish Government's coronavirus restrictions soon as Nicola Sturgeon is due to update Scots tomorrow.

Scotland's Covid Recovery Secretary John Swinney has also said he is "optimistic" that Glasgow can move to Level 2 as suppression of the virus seems to be working.

The Scottish Government has been using localised data to make decisions on any potential level changes in order to suppress transmission of the virus as much as possible.

As such, some areas may find that they stay in Level 2 restrictions as others move to Level 1.

While there are encouraging signs for much of Scotland, there is still a need to be cautious so here's what you need to know about Scottish levels ahead of the First Minister's announcement tomorrow:

Level 1 move

The National:

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Most of Scotland is currently under Level 2 Covid restrictions which allows full travel across Scotland as well as the rest of the UK but still have tighter restrictions to suppress the spread of Covid-19.

In Level 1 restrictions - the second-lowest of the Scottish Government's five-tier system - rules are relaxed further with more people allowed to meet outside and at events like weddings.

A large number of Scotland's island communities, including Orkney, Shetland, Na h-Eileanan Siar and the Argyll and Bute Islands, are already at Level 1.

However, there is concern that not all areas of Scotland will be able to move to Level 1 from Monday, June 7 as Health Secretary Humza Yousaf said there are other areas that show "cause for concern".

There is an intention for all of Scotland to move to Level 1 by June 7 and then to Level 0 by June 28, if the data remains supportive.


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Yesterday, Deputy First Minister Swinney said there were "encouraging signs" that Glasgow will move out of Level 3 restrictions unless there are “substantial” changes to case rates in the city.

As the rest of Scotland moved to Level 2, Glasgow was kept in Level 3 due to spikes in coronavirus cases in areas of the city - mainly focused on the south side.

As efforts to suppress the virus seem to be working, there is a hope that Scotland's biggest city will move out of Level 3 and travel in and out of the area will be allowed.

The level change is most likely to happen on Friday, June 4 as Sturgeon announced an extra week in Level 3 for the city last Friday.

Glasgow Green is set to host a fan zone for up to 6000 fans for the Euro 2020 tournament from June 1 and the city moving out of Level 3 will mean people from across Scotland will be able to travel to experience the tournament in a "regulated environment".

Level 0?

The National:

There is an intention for all of Scotland to move to Level 0 by June 28 if data supports this decision.

In Level 0 there are still restrictions that Scots should follow but it is the closest to a complete re-opening that is possible under the Scottish level system.

Travel is allowed between areas in Level 0, 1 and 2 but those in Level 3 or 4 should be avoided.

Level 0 allows the most amount of people to meet up from different households.

Up to eight people from four households can meet up in homes and stay overnight. Up to 10 people from four households can meet in indoor public spaces like pubs or restaurants. Up to 15 people from 15 households can meet outdoors.

While there is hope for all of Scotland to be in Level 0 by the end of June, Scottish Government ministers have been clear in saying this will be based on the latest data and areas could remain at higher levels if local data does not support a change.