A TORY MSP has been slammed for trying to claim Nicola Sturgeon blocking trolls on social media meant “people could be missing out on vital information”.

Stephen Kerr, list MSP for Central Scotland, made the claims on Twitter before hastily deleting the post just an hour later.

It’s the second gaffe in a row for Kerr, who was rapped on Thursday for removing a Gaelic phrase from the Scottish Parliament logo in a letter to Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab. 

Friday’s tweet instantly caused a backlash but Kerr’s written question to parliament on the subject, logged on Thursday, is still available to view. 

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The SNP have said that Kerr should be “mindful” that it is up to individual users who they block, especially if they are being subjected to abuse. 

The full tweet from Kerr read: “People have got in touch to say they’ve been blocked by @NicolaSturgeon, even if they’ve never engaged with her account. 

“As the FM posts important COVID info on her personal acct and not @ScotGovFM people could be missing out on vital info.”

The National:

The tweet was posted at 11.59am on Thursday, before being deleted an hour later.

Kerr’s written question to the Scottish Parliament, which is currently awaiting an answer, also has a similar theme. 

It reads: “To ask the Scottish Government what guidance is issued to Ministers on the use of social media in relation to government announcements made on personal social media accounts that block some people from seeing them.”

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The National:

But, the SNP were quick to point out that as the account Kerr referenced is Nicola Sturgeon’s personal account, and not the official one for the First Minister, it was up to her who she blocked on the platform. 

An SNP spokesperson said: "Stephen Kerr has not got off to the best start as an MSP – just earlier this week he was urging his Tory bosses to try and stop the Scottish Government from promoting Scotland on the world stage.

"When it comes to blocking people on Twitter, that is always up to individual users, especially if they are being subjected to abusive or offensive behaviour – something Mr Kerr should be a bit more mindful of.”

The National:

Others also hit out at Kerr, including SNP Glasgow Councillor Christina Cannon.

She said: “Politicians shouldn’t conduct the majority of their job on Twitter (Stephen Kerr should take note).

“Anyone is entitled to block whoever they choose to. Your social media is *yours* & you can include or exclude anyone you want to develop a healthy relationship with this site.”

The Scottish Tories have been contacted for comment.