The National:

ELECTION and polling results in recent years seem to suggest Scots feel somewhat alienated from other parts of the UK.

Whether its immigration, the EU or believing a word Boris Johnson says, we tend to see things a little differently up here.

And when you hear interviews like the one today on BBC Radio 5 Live, it’s little wonder.

SNP MP Carol Monaghan was on a daytime show hosted by Adiran Chiles.

Before she and other MPs on the panel got talking about Dominic Cummings’s explosive revelations, they were asked about one of show’s themes for the day – favourite childhood books.

Monaghan said her favourite children’s books were by Julia Donaldson.

She explained: “We’ve got the classic, The Gruffalo, but there’s also some other crackers that she’s got – Room On The Broom and A Squash and a Squeeze. I think what made these great wasn’t just the kids enjoyed hearing them, the adults quite enjoyed the stories as well.

“I think that’s the real mark of an excellent children’s book.”

Disregarding the sensible answer, Chiles asked if she wouldn’t reconsider her position.

He asked: “Is there nothing, sort of, more Scottish then? … Some sort of child’s tale about beating back the English or something like that?

“Or do those children’s books exist?”

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The SNP MP ignored the insinuations, and gave another sensible answer, noting that Donaldson lives in Scotland and that many of her books are now translated into Scots and Gaelic.

Her colleagues weren’t too impressed with Chiles.

Councillor Lisa-Marie Hughes replied: “This is so poor. Scottish writing is rich and diverse. We have such excellent children's writers and this is the level of commentary they get?”

MP Gavin Newlands added: “Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, and the wee donkey. You know which part Adrian plays here...”

Westminster colleague Drew Hendry replied simply: “Good grief.”

And it wasn't just SNP politicians who were stunned.

Twitter user Elle wrote: "Can anyone actually think of a Scottish children's novel about 'beating back the English?'"

Gerry McGregor added: "Why do these people think that the scots spend most of our time thinking on how to defeat & kill English people?"

Uilleam wrote: "Adrian Chiles thinks Scottish children are brought up on reading books about beating back the English. What a clown."

It's about time Adrian Chiles did a bit of reading up on Scotland.