NICOLA Sturgeon is set to announce her government's plans for its first 100 days in office.

The First Minister will give a statement to MSPs, describing the Scottish Government's immediate priorities as well as updating the nation on the pandemic.

More details on issues like the remobilisation of the NHS are expected to follow at a later date.

The SNP leader will also set out longer-term plans, including a vow to put "Scotland's future in Scotland's hands" within the parliamentary term. 

Before the Scottish Parliament election, the SNP published an action plan for the first 100 days of government, saying it would kick-start the recovery from coronavirus.

Sturgeon is expected to say: "We set out an ambitious programme to kick-start recovery, and we said people in Scotland had the right to decide their future when the current crisis has passed.

"Three weeks ago we were elected on a clear mandate, with a record number of votes, to deliver on those commitments – and that is exactly what we intend to do.

"In this parliament we will make a decisive shift towards becoming a net zero nation.

"We will implement a plan to transform our economy as we do so. We will tackle child poverty and promote equality of opportunity. We will invest in our public services and establish a new national care service.

"And so that people in Scotland, not Boris Johnson, get to decide Scotland's future, we will hold a referendum on whether to become an independent country.

The National: Prime Minister Boris Johnson during a media briefing in Downing Street on Covid-19

"In my view, this parliament will be the most important in our devolved history."

She will add: "The last 15 months have been full, far too full, of sadness and heartbreak, but they have also reminded us once again of people's capacity for ingenuity, compassion and solidarity.

"There are very few changes now which seem unimaginable, or unachievable. That is why the plans I am setting out today are unashamedly ambitious.

"We will tackle the Covid crisis as our immediate priority. But we will also lead by example in addressing the climate crisis. We will create a national care service, to match the post-war National Health Service.

"We will widen opportunities for young people, to ensure that their futures are not limited by this pandemic.

"We will build a modern, high-tech economy, while staying true to enduring values of fairness and compassion.

"And we will put Scotland's future in Scotland's hands.

"The programme I am setting out today is rooted in today's reality, but it also shows how we can shape a brighter tomorrow."

The First Minister also discussed the plan at the coronavirus briefing yesterday, saying the Government was looking to increase NHS capacity.

She said: "The remobilisation recovery plan that we will publish within the 100 days will set out exactly how we're going to increase capacity.

"It will involve increasing NHS staff, it will involve maximising and bringing in extra capacity into the National Health Service and using capacity from wherever we can find it."

The latest waiting time figures show increasing numbers experiencing longer waits for inpatient and day case treatment in NHS Scotland.

Ahead of the election, the SNP's action plan included proposals for economic support, NHS recovery and help for school pupils.

Other issues included the first steps towards creating a new National Care Service.