READING two articles side by side in The National I was alarmed to observe just how far England appears to have drifted into the political and moral territory normally associated with fascism.

Priti Patel’s draconian policy on immigration is increasingly adopting the appearance of an evangelical crusade. To read her latest intolerant tirade alongside the article about the “One Britain One Nation” (ObON) organisation must ring alarm bells for anyone who values the basic tenets of democracy in British society.

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ObON purports to be a value-based and inclusive organisation that celebrates British culture and achievement but is clearly based on an indoctrination of the young that is scarcely dissimilar to that carried out historically by organisations like Komsomol and Hitler Youth.

Promoting a jingoistic, Union Jack image of Britain to children appears to be overtly and transparently political, mirroring as it does current Conservative party ideology. An anthem that contains the line “Strong Britain great nation” contains a sentiment that could have been gleaned directly from the brainwashing handbook of any authoritarian state.

Johnson’s progressively crypto-fascist government is tearing at the very fabric of the UK whilst normalising a flag-hugging, provincial sense of English nationalism. We need out. NOW.

Owen Kelly