GLASGOW Council has had to spend nearly £60,000 cleaning up the mess left behind by rampaging Rangers fans earlier this month.

The club’s supporters caused chaos in George Square as they celebrated their Scottish Premiership victory.

Police and politicians condemned outbreaks of violence, vandalism and anti-Catholic bigotry.

The council has expressed its “dismay and disappointment” at those who participated as it revealed £58,000 has been spent so far on cleaning up the mess.

Fans trampled on hundreds of plants, left behind thousands of smashed bottles and damaged scaffolding, traffic lights and security fences.

“Priceless” statues of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert also require substantial repairs, as does the lighting surrounding the Sir Walter Scott column.

The National:

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A spokesperson for the council said: "In the immediate aftermath of the events of May 15, we deployed some 80 members of staff to undertake an initial clear-up and they worked throughout that first night to put the square back in some kind of order for the rest of the city. But work continued throughout the following week and has still to conclude.

“We have also checked all the statues in the square and found that the statues of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert require significant repairs.

“The Queen Victoria statue failed a topple test and is now fenced off to protect it from any further damage.

“These two statues are priceless sculptures that are emblematic of Glasgow’s proud history and will now require skilled restoration work."

It's thought the restoration of the statues will cost tens of thousands of pounds.

The spokesperson added: “Those responsible for trashing George Square have dumped a massive bill on Glasgow and then simply walked away.

“The complete lack of regard and respect they showed for Glasgow’s main civic space on is a source of deep dismay and disappointment.”