FOOD charity Mary's Meals has asked the UK Government to stop using it in its pro-Union videos.

The Argyll organisation feeds some of the world's poorest children and is apolitical.

But interview footage with one of its staff was included in an online clip put out on UK Government social media channels with the message that: "We have more impact when we work together. Scotland combines its resources and influence with the rest of the UK to play a leading role in tackling global issues."

The clip was posted by Westminster social media workers on Friday.

But this afternoon the charity has distanced itself from the pro-Union messaging in a public statement posted on its Twitter channel.

The charity said: "We are aware of a UK Government video including Mary’s Meals.

"The clip was recorded after our recent Double The Love campaign, during which the UK Government matched public donations for our work in Liberia.

"Mary’s Meals is fully focused on feeding hungry children and remains politically neutral. We are asking the UK government not to include Mary’s Meals in videos of this type in future."