WE recently told you about Independence Live’s crucial crowdfunder appeal which you can access via their website.

They tell us there are “some grand plans for the rest of 2021” and they need support to see them through.

Kevin Gibney and the team said: “We are sure that you want us to invest your indy pound as best we can, and we have made a few assumptions – you want us to continue to be a resource for independence campaigners, you want us to share best practices and highlight the amazing resources within the Yes movement, you want us to continue to live stream and run events for any and all Yes groups, parties and organisations, you want us to continue to shout loudly for the desperate need for Scotland to achieve independence.

“We plan to keep doing all of this but we want to do more.

“Every person who donates to our crowdfunder will be sent a short questionnaire to help us prioritise our plans for 2021.

“We are already at 50% of our target and as soon as we reach our goal we really can get going for the summer.”

Meanwhile Yes Dunfermline and West Fife tell us that they will have two entertaining guests for an evening of discussion and entertainment on Tuesday, June 1 at 7pm via Zoom.

Author, playwright and performer Alan Bissett of The Moira Monologues fame, and Jonathan Cairney, known for Dateline Scotland, are the special guests of the group.

It’s a free event but please register to attend virtually at Eventbrite.