THE Scottish Greens have unveiled roles for their new Holyrood team with key posts for MSPs elected for the first time.

Led by Patrick Harvie and Lorna Slater, the party had its best ever result at a Holyrood election, winning eight MSPs, two more than in 2016.

Harvie will continue to speak on finance and constitutional issues, while Slater will lead on the two issues which the party put as central to its election campaign, economic recovery from the pandemic and a green industrial strategy to lower carbon emissions.

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Slater along with Maggie Chapman, Gillian Mackay and Ariane Burgess were elected to Holyrood for the first time on May 6.

The full spokespeople list is as follows:

Harvie: Scottish Greens spokesperson for Finance and Constitution.

The role will includes taxation, local levels of government, Europe, the independence referendum and development of Green Yes case.

Slater: Scottish Greens spokesperson for Economic Recovery and Green Industrial Strategy. 

The role includes industry, fair work, just transition, trade unions, non-transport infrastructure, trade policy, business support e.g. hospitality and tourism.

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Ariane Burgess: Scottish Greens spokesperson for communities, land reform, housing and rural affairs.

Her responsibilities include islands, farming, housing, planning, community empowerment. 

Maggie Chapman: Scottish Greens spokesperson for justice, equality and human rights.

Her role includes justice, community safety, equality and human rights, migration and international development, social security and older people.

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Ross Greer: Scottish Greens spokesperson for education, culture and external affairs.

This includes schools, further and higher education, skills, children and young people; culture and media; external affairs. 

Gillian Mackay: Scottish Greens spokesperson for health and social care.

This includes sport, public health and mental wellbeing.

Mark Ruskell: Scottish Greens spokesperson for environment, climate and transport.

His responsibilities include includes energy, transport, active travel, environmental protections, nature restoration. 

Commenting, Scottish Greens co-leader Lorna Slater said: “The Scottish Greens will work constructively in this parliament for a green recovery that leaves no-one behind and tackles the urgent challenge of the climate emergency.

"We have our biggest mandate in the history of the Scottish Parliament, and a team with talent and expertise to speak on behalf of our movement and secure the pro-independence majority.” 

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While the Greens secured eight MSPs at the election, Alison Johnstone stepped down from her party after she was elected to the role of Holyrood's Presiding Officer.

She is the first Green MSP to be elected to the post and the second woman, the first being Tricia Marwick, the former SNP MSP.

During the election campaign the Greens made clear they were open to forming a coalition government with the SNP.

Senior SNP sources briefed that they were interested in such a prospect.

However, no talks took place after the SNP secured 64 seats and they opted to govern as a single party.

The Scottish Greens are the latest party to unveil the portfolios of their team, following Nicola Sturgeon's post election reshuffle on Wednesday.

The Scottish Conservative leader announced posts for his MSPs on Thursday.