LORNA Slater has said that the majority of pro-independence MSPs in Holyrood means there needs to be a conversation about the constitution.

In the Scottish Greens co-leader's first speech in the Scottish Parliament, Slater offered her and her party's congratulations to Nicola Sturgeon on being re-elected as First Minister.

Slater said the SNP returning the second-highest tally of seats at any election since devolution demonstrates that whatever differences political parties have, Sturgeon "retains the confidence of the bulk of the country".

She said she sees "hope" in the current Scottish Parliament as it is the most diverse group Holyrood has ever seen including passing a "key threshold" for change with around 45% of MSPs now being women.

The Lothian MSP set out key points that the Greens want to see Scotland focussing on, including being welcoming to refugees, being a world-leader in renewable energy and having towns and city centres designed for people rather than cars.

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She went on to say that Scotland's right to choose its own future in an independence referendum is important to making these policies a reality.

Slater said: "We can take many of these steps now, without waiting for independence. But completing the necessary transformation must also involve asking the people of Scotland to choose their own future and building the case for independence which is based on transformation, on building the Scotland we want to see. A fair and green Scotland that is in charge of its own destiny."

She called on all members of the Scottish Parliament to "work constructively and across party lines" to make transformative change.

You can watch Lorna Slater's full speech below: