WOMEN working in the Scottish entertainment sector have circulated a list of “powerful and abusive” men in the industry to avoid.

After Sunshine on Leith actor Kevin Guthrie was jailed for sexual assault, it emerged that the list of men deemed a threat to women has been shared.

Rosie Priest, a theatre producer and arts researcher, said the men on the list are often “protected by the cult of celebrity”.

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“Directors, writers, choreographers, CEOs – they all have this immense amount of power,” she told STV News.

She added that “predators, abusers, bullies can thrive” in the entertainment sector due its “unequal power balances”.

“We know that, unfortunately, one in four women is going to experience sexual violence in their lifetime and that sexual violence isn’t to do with intimacy, it’s to do with power.”

The National:

Maureen Beattie (above), an actor across stage and screen in Scotland, formed the Safe Spaces campaign in the wake of the 2017 #MeToo movement.

The aim of the campaign is to give entertainment workers the “confidence to challenge and report inappropriate behaviour”.

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She said she wants to see a world where inappropriate and abusive behaviour is “an absolute shock”, rather than something normalised.

“To get to the point where bad behaviour literally took the breath away from you because you were like ‘wow, that’s extraordinary’ is where I’d like to get to,” she said.

Earlier this month Guthrie was jailed for three years after sexually assaulting a 29-year-old woman who appeared unwell after a night out.

Guthrie insisted he had “helped” her – but his DNA was found inside her underwear. He was found guilty at Glasgow Sheriff Court after denying the charge.