NEARLY 1000 people have signed a petition demanding Douglas Ross's resignation over the fact he has too many jobs.

The Scottish Tory leader plans to stay on as an MP until the next General Election, despite having been elected as an MSP at the Holyrood election. He will also keep up his occasionally lucrative sideline as an assistant referee.

Ross's MSP salary is £64,470 with expenses, while as an MP he makes £81,932 with £50,000 of expenses. In the Tory manifesto Ross promised to give himself a  £1321 tax cut but he will still take home £246,402 from the Scottish tax payer per year.

At the time of writing, the petition has 891 signatures on

Lorraine Bell, who set up the petition, said: "How many jobs can this man have and be expected to any one of them with any competence?

"We demand that Douglas Ross resign as an MP in the UK Parliament and resign from his duties with the SFA and focus on the job he is currently elected to do."

It came as Ross made an astonishing personal attack on Pete Wishart calling him "inept" and "poor at his job" in a intensely heated exchange in the Commons.

The Scottish Tory leader launched a verbal assault on Wishart, who chairs the Scottish Affairs Select Committee, highly criticising how he convenes the cross-party group at Westminster.

WATCH: Douglas Ross calls Pete Wishart 'inept' in 'pathetic' personal attack

Wishart had opened the committee earlier – the first one to be held since last Thursday's election – pressing Scottish Secretary Alister Jack on the outcome. The question appeared to annoy Ross and other Tory MPs on the committee.

Conservative MP John Lamont said: "People watching this at home will find it extraordinary that the SNP chairman of this committee has spent over 20 minutes talking about another independence referendum when there are so many other things that are pressing, like how for example we are managing Covid, how we are managing the vaccine programme, how we are dealing with the economic recovery plan.

"The last 20 minutes could have been much better spent."