VETERAN campaigner for land reform Rob Gibson published a book late last year, which has not been a bestseller yet but is certainly causing a stir in Yes movement circles.

Reclaiming Our Land is the title of the book published by Gibson in association with the Highland Heritage Educational Trust. 

It has thrust Gibson, who was an SNP MSP from 2003 to 2016, right back into the forefront of the land reform debate and on Tuesday at 7pm, Yes Southside are to host Gibson in a Zoom event to hear his latest views – details on eventbrite.

Their online invitation states: “Join Yes Southside on Zoom to hear from veteran land reform campaigner, Rob Gibson, on the problem of land ownership in Scotland and how it can be changed.”

It’s a huge issue for many Scots, and  there’s no one better qualified to talk about it.   
During his time in the Scottish Parliament,  Gibson was first a list MSP for the Highlands and Islands Region from 2003 and then in 2011 he won the Caithness, Sutherland and Ross constituency. As an MSP he worked tirelessly to promote new laws on land reform and was eventually successful.  

As he states in the book: “In the vote, Holyrood overwhelmingly passed the Land Reform (Scotland) Bill 102 votes to 14. This passage provoked favourable comments from many commentators and campaigners. This was welcome reading to the MSPs and ministers closely involved. Of course, the Tories and landowning interests decried these radical measures.”