PROTESTERS in Glasgow have successfully forced the Home Office to release the men detained after a dawn raid.

Police Scotland released a statement saying that the decision had been taken by Chief Superintendent Mark Sutherland in order to safeguard both officers and those demonstrating.

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The police asked that protesters disperse from the area to allow for this release to happen "quickly and effectively".

Earlier today, a statement from Police Scotland said that it did not "assist in the removal of asylum seekers".

Police Scotland added: "Officers are at the scene to police the protest and to ensure public safety."

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More than 30 police officers had been drafted in to form a protective ring around the Home Office van within which the men were detained after protesters refused to allow it to leave Kenmure Street.

One reportedly crawled underneath the van to prevent it from being driven anywhere.

The National:

The news of the men's release has been hailed as a "massive victory" on social media, with campaigners calling for Scotland to have immigration devolved to prevent a repeat of today's protest.

Protesters present cheered and applauded as the men were released from Home Office detention.

The Stand Up To Racism campaign tweeted: "Massive victory over racist Home Office ‘dawn raid’ by the people of Pollokshields #Glasgow #solidarity forever #RefugeesWelcome this is an example for every community to follow!"

In response to the police statement, former MSP and presiding officer Tricia Marwick tweeted: "I should think so too. It is the UK enforcement agency which is the threat to public safety."

She added: "Does anyone think it a coincidence that the UK border authority move into the First Minister's constituency on the day that our MSPs are sworn in and the [Presiding Officer] elected in the Scottish Parliament?

"If it was a show of strength and power it has failed. We are all Scotland."

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SNP MP Alison Thewliss, who wrote for The National about the protests after attending them herself, tweeted simply: "This is a welcome development."

Mogwai musician Stuart Braithwaite posted: "Glasgow 1. Westminster 0."

Prominent media commentator Owen Jones wrote: "Incredible. Mass action by people on the streets of Glasgow made this happen.

"Glasgow, you are amazing!"

Imagery shared on social media while the protests were ongoing showed a refreshments stall has been set up in a nearby bus stop on Kenmure Street in the Pollokshields area of Glasgow for protesters.

Another video showed a man placing a sign outside his window on the street which reads: “If this is Team UK we reject it.”

One video taken by The National's Abbi Garton showed several officers detaining a young female protester.