THE question of how to celebrate COP26 being located in Glasgow, concomitant with the national endeavour for Independence but without hindering the actual conference or its underlying ethos, may require some thought.

Would free access to the National’s digital editions via the SEC wi-fi be preferable to free print editions? Would a COP26 special edition beer be appropriate only if it is brewed carbon negative? Should George Square be respectfully renamed “Citizens Square”, and act as a COP26 Glasgow centre-point? These are but a few of the questions to be considered.

Given that Mr A Johnson (our PM) is reportedly against the sight of the Saltire at COP26 and states (wrongly) that the Tory Brexit is “done”, the question arises of just how many Saltires, EU stars and references to an independent Scotland seeking to be the 28th EU nation state can actually be responsibly made and displayed – and how?

Stephen Tingle

Greater Glasgow