MORE newly-elected MSPs are due to arrive at the Scottish Parliament today, ahead of the official swearing-in ceremony on Thursday.

Those due to arrive for their induction session at Holyrood include Pam Duncan-Glancy, the first permanent wheelchair user to be elected as an MSP.

Once the new MSPs have been inducted, they will need to take the oath or make a solemn affirmation, pledging allegiance to the Queen.

The National:

Nicola Sturgeon will be the first to do so at 9am on Thursday.

Today, a total of 20 new MSPs will arrive at Holyrood for induction, following 23 who did so yesterday.

The National:

Kaukab Stewart arriving yesterday

Duncan-Glancy posted a picture of her “new office” on Twitter as she arrived for the first time as an MSP, saying “here goes guys”.

As well as Duncan-Glancy, arrivals from Labour include former MP Paul Sweeney and Michael Mara, brother of former North East MSP Jenny Mara.

The National:

Angus Robertson arriving yesterday

Those from the SNP include Emma Roddick, Elena Whitham and Jenni Minto, who won Argyll and Bute for the party as incumbent Mike Russell stepped down from Holyrood.

For the Conservatives, GP Dr Sandesh Gulhane will head to Holyrood after winning a seat on the Glasgow regional list, as will Craig Hoy and Tess White.

Maggie Chapman, a former co-convener of the Scottish Greens, is arriving for the party alongside Ariane Burgess.

The National:

Jim Fairlie before his induction

Some MSPs who arrived for induction yesterday compared the experience to the “first day of school”.

Once the new MSPs are sworn in on Thursday, the chamber will move to elect a new Presiding Officer.